integrate all your IIoT devices to improve the efficiency of your factory

Efficiency is Money

Factory Shop Floor

Obtaining your shop floor data on time

We can inform the floor shop operator the on-time data to take immediate action to improve the quality of the products.

Measuring and Improving OEE factors

With Future, we can obtain the data such as Run Time, Net Run Time, and Fully production time. With this data, it can be obtained future OEE predictions. Together with the planned production time data, we can obtain the OEE of your company with greater precision.

Ensuring Quality

As we say, "efficiency is money," also, quality is money. How much does it cost to cancel a contract due to lack of quality, or how much does a one-day production batch cost due to lack of quality?. With Future, we can detect the quality of each item produced by connecting it to IIOT sensors.

With Future




And More

Using different manufacturing instruments like: